Thursday, 18 January 2018

IBM Champion 2018 and IBM THINK

Last week IBM announced the IBM 2018 Champions for IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS). There is no official announcement and overview from IBM yet but the overview of the IBM Champions 2018 will eventually be published here.
I want to congratulate all IBM Champions heartily. I would also like to thank everyone who nominated me for IBM Champion 2018. Thank you very much!
This year I am selected for the third consecutive year as IBM Champion for IBM Collaboration Solutions. Thank you IBM! I am humbled and grateful to be belong again to this very special group of IBM Champions.

If you are going to the IBM Think Conference in Las Vegas in March then you can contact me or any other IBM Champion for a discount of $ 100. You can add a comment to this blog post with your email address or send me an email ( or contact one of the other IBM Champions.
What do you have to do for this discount? Just contact me and ask for it and tell me WHY you are attending IBM THINK 2018! So do not be shy and contact me or one of the other IBM Champions.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Announcing the IBM #domino2025 Online Forum

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to actively participate in the domino2025 jam sessions until this moment. For those who have also not yet been able to actively participate in the domino2025 jam sessions, IBM has announced another possibility, the “#domino2025 Online Forum”.
The intent of the #domino2025 Online Forum is to garner:
Your input on the core components of Domino V10 roadmap including App Dev, Mail, Chat and Meetings.
Your ideas on the vision and core elements for the next wave beyond 2018.
Both qualitative and quantitative insights into the formulation of the roadmap and product vision through surveys and prioritization of ideas in the blog.
If you registered previously, or attended a jam or virtual event, you should get a personal invite to join the forum.

IBM will be announcing the V10 roadmap and product vision at IBM Think 2018 as well as showcasing exciting new features IBM is working on. In addition, IBM will be hosting face to face and virtual events globally to share what the roadmap will mean to you after IBM Think 2018.
For more information: Announcing the #domino2025 Online Forum – January 16-18, 2018.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Replay Webinar Rationalize Your Domino Landscape in 2018

On December 8 there was a very interesting webinar, Rationalize your Domino landscape in 2018, by Maarga Systems and Panagenda.
Applications are the heart of your IBM Domino landscape but recent analyses show that many enterprises are re-evaluating the future of Notes Domino.
Should you focus on modernization, maintenance or migration?
To answer that, first you need clarity on the business value of each application and the extent of technical complexity.
Using panagenda’s Application Insights, Maarga’s consulting team will show you step by step how to run a diagnostic on the Domino platform so you can plan the road ahead with data and actionable insights.

Key takeaways
Get insights on your Domino dependency
How to utilize the insights to get better ROI
How ‘ApplicationInsights’ shines a light on your Domino usage

You can watch the replay of the webinar on YouTube or the Maarga Systems Website.
More information: ApplicationInsights

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 10 Preliminary Release Notice

On December 20 IBM has published theIBM Note Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 10 Preliminary Release Notice. There are no new XPages Features.
Beginning with 9.0.1 FP8, fix packs have been renamed to feature packs. To ensure quality, these feature packs still have a high focus on addressing high impacting defects. Where possible, these features are optionally enabled to minimize risk. The same packaging, architecture and install kits used in previous fix packs remain in use for feature packs.
IBM has identified important Notes®/Domino® SPR's to be fixed in the latest Feature Pack release, 9.0.1 Feature Pack 10. This notice serves as the Preliminary Fix List. All fixes in this Feature Pack have been selected through our Triage process of high impacting customer requested bug fixes and are currently undergoing testing. IBM reserves the right to remove any fix from this targeted release if it does not pass quality engineering tests. Please consider this information to be provisional. Do not base irreversible business decisions on this information until the Feature Pack has been officially released.
Notes Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 10 includes new features that benefit our customers. Some of these features have been in development for years and we are excited to make them available.

The JVM was upgraded to Java 1.8 SR4 FP10 (with tzdata17c) (SPR #HYUEAQ2JUQ).
Notes/Domino - Java 1.8 SR4 FP10 (with tzdata17b).
For information on NBP (Notes Browser Plugin), Notes Client on Linux, or Domino Server on Linux32 and AIX32, please refer to the 9.0.1 FP8 release notice.
Templates – There are no template updates for FP10; use templates from FP9.
Pre-Req for Traveler Server: If are upgrading the version of Domino to 9.0.1 FP10 on your Traveler serve, for server compatibility use Traveler or higher.

New Features in IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Social Edition Feature Pack 10 
The documentation in Knowledgebase will be updated with these new features to coincide with the ship date of 9.0.1 FP10

1. The JVM in Designer is Upgraded to use 1.8 at compile time 
With this new upgrade, you can launch Designer client and leverage Java 1.8 compile time features in building applications. For full compatibility, apps compiled in FP10 should be deployed on Notes or Domino FP10 and higher. Java apps may run on Notes/Domino 9.0.1 FP8 and higher as that release upgrade to Java 1.8 runtime. However, Application best practice is to compile with the lowest common denominator to the client/server version deployed.

2. Eclipse Platform Upgraded to 4.6.2
The 9.0.1 FP10 platform is upgraded from Eclipse 3.4.2 to Eclipse 4.6.2. This includes SWT, OSGi, Jface and other re-lated Eclipse plugins. Notes, Designer, Embedded Sametime, and Connections Plugins now leverage Eclipse 4.6.2. The Domino server uses the OSGi bundles from Eclipse 4.6.2 for servlet and XPages access.

3. Embedded Sametime Upgraded To 901 By Default 
The default version of the Embedded Sametime in the Notes Client has been upgraded to the 9.0.1 version by default, which eliminates the need for an add-on installer for Sametime.

4. The GSKit libraries are upgraded to Version for both client & server.
GSKit is used for FIPs support, AES , 1024+ RSA, and Diffie-Hellman.

5. Japanese User Interface Update 
An optional Japanese User Interface update includes fixes for high-impact localization defects. The 'IBM Notes Client 9.0.1 FP10 Japanese User Interface Update' requires 9.0.1 Japanese Client/Japanese MUI + FP10.

6. Add-on Installer for Notes CCM (Connections Content Manager) 
An add-on installer for Notes CCM eliminates the need for special hotfixes but does require 9.0.1 FP10. This optional add-on allows a Notes client to show Libraries from CCM for use with email and calendar.
Note: The Notes CCM now supports the Dutch language in addition to previously supported languages For more details on CCM

9.0.1 Feature Pack 10 Preliminary Fix List descriptions

Domino Server 
  • +YNABANLSUB - Fixed an error 4399  "Value is out of range"  when running DeleteUser LotusScript. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP7 
  • LRHG9T78WW (LO83614) - Fixed an HTTP crash in memory allocation when Sametime calls into Domino 
  • MSKAAPEQ7M (LO92705) - Fixed a server crash during ID vault processing 
  • PKIM9XSUTU (LO89753) - Fixed an issue where an SSL certificate validation does not allow partial chains 
  • CRPOA64RNM (LO87648) - Fix an issue where Domino doclinks no longer convert to a usable format for iOS 
  • JAQOAKRTUM (LO91921) - Fixed a Domino Server crash when processing user certificates in the Domino Directory 
  • +JCARAQSJB6 (LO92949) - Fixed an SMTP issue which can cause malformed headers & prevent Internet mail delivery. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP9 
  • MKIN9Z6UZ2 (LO90767) - Fixed an issue in the web server when processing graphic records 
  • +PMGYAMDCQX (LO92318) - Fixed a Server crash due to a nullhandle of a note. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP9 
  • RMAA9ENABR (LO78449) - Fixed a Domino Server crash on the Dircat task 
  • TSUAANL4QT (LO92599) - Fixed the error "Value is out of range" in the NotesAdministrationProcess #DeleteUser 
  • +YNABANLSUB (LO92582) - Fixed the error 4399 "Value Is Out Of Range" When Running Deleteuser Lotusscript.  This was a regression introduced in 901FP8. 
  • ASHHABSBHK (LO89599) - Fixed an issue where running Dbmt on an NSF file, intermittently leaves the ORIG file. 
  • IISA9QEEAH (LO82584) - Fixed a Domino Server crash due to deadlock in the unread code 
  • +TPON9N3EYE (LO81657) - Fixed an issue that resulted in a message being sent that dropped the 'body' content, resulting in a messaging being sent with only the disclaimer. This would occur with disclaimers enabled and a returnreceipt field set to 0. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1. 
  • LCAYAC7JU4 (LO89729) - Fixed an issue where delivery failure notifications are going dead in the rather than transferring to O365.  Notes.ini parameter POSTMASTER_WITH_BRACKETS=1 needs to be added to enable the fix. 
  • SLAEAGNLBF (LO91113) - Fixed an issue where autoprocessing of update notices took a long time. With this fix, if the buffer used for autoprocessing is maxed out on a server, auto-processing will stop and defer then work to the client. This fix is on by default but can be disabled by setting CSDisableSummaryCacheAutoStop=1 
  • WHAM9KRHHH (LO80695) - Introduced a new dcontroller.ini (ControllerLogLocation) to control the log path for Domino QoS 
Notes Client 
  • +ACVR9HHS55 (LO79672) - Fixed a Notes Client crash when sending mail to groups from recent contacts.This was a regression introduced in 8.5.3 and 9.0 
  • YGAOAFXLAK (LO90918) - Fixed a Notes Client crashes when processing Cross Domain admin requests 
  • ANIAAKYCNY (LO91979) - Fixed the Sametime Awareness icon to display for recipients' alternate name in a Memo 
  • RUYAAM2QGC (LO92259) - Fixed an issue with meetings in summary view showing under wrong date, for federated calendar entries created in a different timezone 
  • CSAOAKF4XX (LO91821) - Fixed a Notes Client startup performance issue caused by Smart Upgrade initialization in a VMWare VDI 
  • JVEKAPMFWR (LO92748 ) - Fixed an issue where mail with Japanese characters are not shown properly on a PC with Chinese regional settings 
  • +JVEKAQ5JAL (LO92827) - Fixed a roaming user issue that results in an empty "At Location" field when a user roams to another computer. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP7 
  • +JVEKAQSGCC (LO92948) - Fixed an issue with shared, private on first use folder not working as expected in 9.0.1 FP9. Folder can not be viewed in the Designer. This is a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP9. 
  • +JVEKARBEP2 (LO93058 ) - Fixed an issue where the contents are not displayed after editing if a Richtext field contains an image and "Store contents as HTML and MIME" is enabled.  This is a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP9. 
  • NDDC9J2LG5: (LO79942) - Fixed an issue where the URL in a forwarded email created using Win8.1 Tablet opens in the embedded browser and not the default OS browser 
  • RREN9P9KWR (LO82098) - Fixed an issue where folders will not be expanded when the database is re-opened 
  • +JVEKAR7J8F (LO93043 ) - Fixed an issue where public email groups do not expand.  This is a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP8 
  • XLXZAFZCP2 (LO90940) - Fixed an issue where mails are displayed as unread in Notes after reading the mails on an IMAP client 
  • +YGAOALLM2D (LO92139) - Fixed an issue where users are unable to send encrypted mail.  This is a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP8. 
  • JVEKAPWDR8 (LO92793 ) - Fixed an issue in iNotes when forwarding an email from Google Chrome a lot of white space is added between the new and the forwarded document 
  • +KRAUANKM6K (LO92572) - Fixed an iNotes issue where users are unable to attach two or more files using the Send Function.  This was a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP7 
  • SDOY9LFER6 (LO81030) - Fix an iNotes issue that fails to open attachment on forwarding or replying message on IE with iNoes ActiveX file attachment utility 
"IBM Notes Client 9.0.1 FP10 Japanese User Interface Update" Specific SPR's 
  • TITH9GEC9K (LO79111) - Fix an issue where a mail meeting invitation does not have the day in the subject 
  • THIO9KW2FH (LO80689) - To Do From Japanese Notes does not contain the correct Japanese date format characters 
  • SKAI9UW3JX - Fix an issue where the 'IDEXTRAFILENAME' parameter does not work in the Japanese Notes Client 
  • THIO9L22J3 (LO80781) - Fix an issue where the date formats in the subject of Meeting invitations and Group To Do's are SBCS instead of DBCS 
  • TSUA8RA5JW - Fixed an issue where the property box of database is truncated in the Japanese Client 
  • CKUAAHB8PN (LO91232) - Fix an issue where it takes long time to open a DJX address list 

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Replay Webinar IBM JUMP Session: IBM Domino Applications on Cloud

On December 12 there was a very interesting IBM Jump Session, IBM Domino Applications on Cloud. JUMP stands for Join, Understand, Master and Participate.
The presentation, audio and video are now available on the IBM Support website.

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud is a subscription service that offers IBM hosted solution for Domino Apps over IBM Bluemix Cloud. The service offers a structured and planned migration process, avoiding business disruptions.
In this session you will be introduced to the offering, how it is structured and works including the pre-requisites, configurations and start-up options.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Domino 2025 Virtual Jams - The Next Chapter Begins

IBM's strategic partnership with HCL is a step towards bringing a robust and exciting roadmap for Notes Domino version 10 and beyond to increase commitment and deliver a major release in 2018. These 90 minute interactive virtual jams will give us as users / customers a chance to share our thoughts on the Domino V10 roadmap including Application Development, Mail, Chat and Meetings. With these virtual jams IBM wants to ensure they get both qualitative and quantitative insights into the formulation of the roadmap and product vision and our attendance at this virtual jams will help IBM to achieve this.

So keep the dialog going and connect with IBM Product Management and HCL development teams.

As mentioned there will be some Domino Virtual Jams during the coming period. The current #domino2025 jams are by invitation only, so if you have not received your invite, you can send an e-mail to with the city you would like to attend. While invitations are limited in the face-to-face locations to just 35 people, everyone can attend the upcoming Domino 2025 Virtual Jams in their geography.
For registration and more information: We’re Off To a Great Start…Come Join Us!

Registration links Virtual Jam:
North America
Australia & New Zealand

Search Terms and Design Complexity: A Tutorial Before Modernizing or Migrating

There will be a very interesting webinar on December 13, Search Terms and Design Complexity: A Tutorial Before Modernizing or Migrating organized by Teamstudio.

Topic: Search Terms and Design Complexity: A Tutorial Before Modernizing or Migrating
Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Time: 11 - 11:30 a.m. Boston time

Are you preparing to modernize your IBM Notes and Domino applications or migrate off the platform? Notes and Domino have provided a lot of proprietary design concepts over the years. Do you know where they're in use or what the impact will be on your modernization and migration projects?
Join Teamstudio for this webinar to see how using the search terms feature within Teamstudio Adviser can help to catalog the areas of possible problems. Additionally, learn how to use Teamstudio Configurator to pinpoint exactly where the problem areas are in your applications.

More information: Search Terms and Design Complexity: A Tutorial Before Modernizing or Migrating.

For more information see also the previous webinar Using Teamstudio Analyzer for Your Rewrite or Migration.
Are you trying to improve application performance but you're not sure where to start? Are you planning to migrate to a web app but you're unsure if there's code in your app that won’t work? Are you looking to move your app to a different server or domain, but you're unsure if there are references to the old server in your code? Have you been asked to provide Design Documentation for your apps?
If you’ve asked yourself these or any similar questions about your IBM Notes applications, then this is a must-see webinar! Learn how to analyze your application’s design; easily search through the entire design for code inconsistencies, dependencies on external programs, or troublesome areas for migration to other technologies.
Learn how to identify problem areas in your existing design to rapidly improve your IBM Notes apps.